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Lawrence J Navarro

Lawrence Navarro has been fighting for client’s and protecting their rights for 22 years.  Mr. Navarro graduated from St. Thomas University School of Law in 1993 and started his own litigation practice soon after passing the Florida Bar exam.  He represented clients in litigious divorce cases and fought for defendants in criminal court. 

Mr. Navarro soon shifted his focus to the civil arena where he spends most of his practice on civil litigation matters.  He helps clients who have been charged by the DBPR, clients sued by creditors, clients with probate matters, personal injury claims, TCPA claims and business litigation cases.  He enjoys helping clients who have been caught up in the legal or administrative system and who need a lawyer to protect their interest.   Mr. Navarro believes when a Client is sued or charged with a DBPR violation, they deserve a vigorous defense.

When defending someone who has their professional license threatened by a State of Florida investigation and prosecution, Mr. Navarro brings all his skills to bear in providing the best defense for the besieged license holder.  When representing a client who has been harassed by a company violating do-not-call-laws or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Mr. Navarro fights to get his client fair remuneration for such harassment.

Mr. Navarro has joined his professional association with the law firm of Navarro and Renzy, PLLC, to better provide clients with continued professional assistance and representation for their legal problems.

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