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Personal Injury law is the law governing the injury of persons due to another person’s negligence.  The typical personal injury cases are automobile accidents and slip and falls. 

The personal injury lawyer represents the injured person.  The lawyers job is to get the most money possible for the injured person.  The injured person will have medical bills and experience pain and suffering.  The lawyer seeks to obtain reimbursement for the injured persons medical bills and compensation for the injured persons pain and suffering.

The tortfeasor is the individual or company that caused the injury.  The tortfeasor will typically try to either deny liability or pay as little as possible for the damage and injuries the company or person caused. 

The lawyer representing the injured person negotiates with the tortfeasor to obtain the most money possible for the injured person.  The lawyer typically takes a fee only if money is recovered for the injured person. 

In most cases, the tortfeasor is represented by an insurance company.  The insurance adjuster is very good at negotiation and it is the job of the insurance adjuster to pay as little money as possible to the injured person.

An injured person may try to represent themselves.  However, most people are not experienced at negotiating with insurance adjusters, therefore they seldom get as much money as they should.

A personal injury lawyer is experienced at negotiating with adjusters and often will get the injured person as more money than they would get if they did not have lawyer representing them.

Lawrence Navarro has been representing injured people for 22 years.  He is experienced at negotiating with insurance adjusters.  He works to get his clients the money they deserve.

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