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For many people and businesses, a lawsuit can be a costly and stressful experience.  Even more damaging than the costs of attorney fees and a possible adverse judgment is the time involved.  The Client, whether plaintiff or defendant, must spend personal and staff time with the attorney going over the case, time working through discovery, time at hearings and depositions.  And maybe, if the case cannot be settled, time at a trial.

Civil litigation, or a civil lawsuit is simply a lawsuit filed for money.  A suit for an injunction can also be filed in civil court, but most civil lawsuits are for money.  The lawsuit can also involve a request for a determination of personal or property rights.

A Civil lawsuit is filed in civil county, circuit or federal court.  It can be for $1 or many millions of dollars.  The parties involved can be individuals or companies.  When a person or company is sued they must either defend the lawsuit or risk getting a default judgment.  After a default judgment is entered against a person or company collection efforts will begin including possible garnishment of wages, seizure of property including car and bank accounts and other loss of money and property.

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